Inside the Rattery

My rats live in Critter Nation super cages we call "Rattyland" they are custom cages I build using Critter Nations reconfigured side by side rather then tall. Atop is a playpen with a door to go under that is closed up each night.  Rat are mostly nocturnal however they tend to follow my schedule more so know our routine. Rats are very loyal, intelligent, and have wonderful senses. They may have poor eyesight, but the other senses take over for the blurred vision. Whiskers help them to be able to feel around, which is why you will generally see a wild rat follow a wall. Mine on the other hand run around with not a care.

Raining Rats and Adorkable Pets You Tube Channel

This is a very new channel I am working on adding more video's of litter and products - should be fun!! 

Ideal set up for pet rats:

This is my daughter Hannah's rat's set up. They live in a single Critter Nation cage, and she has 3 girls,,,currently ha! You can see the cage consists of a litter box (or two) several hammocks, a wheel, a wood swing and wood shelf ledge along with an igloo and space pod. Gives the rats plenty of levels to sleep play and eat on.  I like to dress my CN with fleece liners, and cotton pads atop that. Just makes for easy clean up each week. 

These are just some cages and set ups from years past.

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