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Available for Adoption: 

       Below are the current litter pages. I will not adopt out singles, to live alone unless we have spoke about this. Every adopter needs to fill out an application even if you are a previous adopter for rats records.   

Only litters marked "Open for Adoption" are ready to be reserved. Visit the ADOPTION PROCESS to review.

Once a litter has all been reserved I move them to the "past litter" section 

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Beatrice X Sal 
DOB: 3/18/2020
NOT available for Adoption - yet
Billie did not take so she will be paired again soon.
Bernadette, unfortunately had a very rough labor and has come down ill. Beatrice is helping nurse and care for the surviving pups of Bernadette's but there were not many, sadly. 

Coming Soon...

Billie X Sal

Pairing soon: 

Peggy X Ron

Winnifred X Arthur