Adoption Process:

1. My babies are first to apply and be approved are first to reserve babies. If there are not babies available currently then, check back there will be soon. Need not contact me asking when and who is available. However, you CAN contact me with general questions you may have - certainly!

2. Each litter gets their own page on my 'Available for adoption' page. I will post pictures of the babies at @ 3weeks. When that litter is available to reserve it will be marked "open for Adoption. They are NOT ready until then - no applications will be viewed. 
3. To reserve anything on the available page you will need to fill out the Application (LINK HERE)  ONLY for rats available - not before. I do not allow babies to be "played" with by strangers. This isn't safe for them or my rats. Personalities are not apparent until babies are about 6+ months old. Babies are reserved online. As long as good temperament parents are bred you should have similar temperament babies. **Rats must be adopted in pairs, unless rats are in home - Even then pairs are necessary for proper social quarantine.**

4. Once approve for those you applied for you will be
asked to leave a deposit for those babies through
PayPal @

*Deposits are non-refundable if you decide to back
out or not show up**

5. Prices and packages are listed HERE.

6. Log in to the website (located upper right hand corner)
and schedule your pick ups for the day those babies are
ready. I try and keep pick ups to Sundays if I can, and do hour slots per pick up.