It has come to my attention that finding just WHERE to set up appointments is a bit confusing. Because I am unable to really set up any quick links I have made this page to help things along hopefully...

When you first want to set up an appointment with us you need to log in thats located in the upper right hand corner: 

There you can sign up and log into our website. Next you want to set up a time to pick up your new little ones (on their take home date) That is located under a drop down here: 

From there you can then choose to add a new booking here: 

This will take you to the services page where you can then pick out your packages and what exactly you may be doing at Raining Rats. 

**Please, Do not forget to print a copy of the contract and bring with you upon pick up day!** 

I hope this help clarify some confusion that many have had and this makes things a bit easier like I had intended from the very start. If you have any questions at all please feel free to contact me. 

Once you have your little ones home and they have settled in and you have created your bond I would love to hear from you on my website through the reviews section located on the contact page....

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