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Adoption Prossess Summary

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Lauren Anderson

Thank you, Raining Rats Rattery,

for my two girls. They are so sweet and cuddly! They are my first rats ever and I am so in love with them. They love crawling all over me and under my clothes during playtime. They also love fresh fruits and vegetables. Their favorite treats are your homemade treats, though. They love watching me do things like fold laundry and fall asleep while watching me. Thank you so much for breeding healthy and sociable rats and for showing me how amazing rats are. I will always be a return adopter from you.  


Although this isn't the best picture in the world it is the most accurate. I've only had my guys for a few months but they have changed my family's life for the better. My toddlers and I adore them; and because they (the rats) have such mild temperaments and were hand raised from birth they are extremely tolerant and very willing to be smothered with toddler love (they are always handled with supervision bc let's face it sometimes rats need to be saved from too much love... even though they keep willingly going back for more ha). My ratties are super sweet and playful and at the end of the day they want to love you as much as you love them. All of my nights since adding them to my family pretty much end like this picture. 


Jess has simply out done herself as a breeder. She  been extremely helpful and willing to answer any questions  before,  during and after the adoption process. You can tell how much time, effort and love was put into these ratties; they are phenomenal to say the least. I thank God that these little guys were added to our family and I would, without any hesitation, recommend Raining Rats Rattery to anyone who is looking for pet rats. 


- AJ

Nikki and Jaeden

My daughter and I are so glad that we have met Jessica and her girls. The 4 rats we have adopted are absolutely a big part of our family. These rats have changed our lives in such a great way. They are so sweet and lovable. This is one of the best animal breeders in Arizona by far. We have fell in love with our amazing animals and love this Breeder. My daughter’s rats have made a big impact on her. She has fell in love with these animals and wants to get more. Thank you Raining Rats Rattery for the amazing pets that changed our lives.

Nasreen Michelle

“We are thrilled to add Bowie and Mercury to our little mischief. They are curious, social, sweet, and so much fun! Once playtime is over they are ready for snuggling and cuddling. Thanks Jess and Raining Rats Rattery!

Coleen Niles.

“Thank you to Jess and her two daughters Shelby and Hannah. Our babies are sweet, social and ever so playful we are so in love.

Mandy Coto

“Good Morning I just wanted to say thank you for my Girls Destiny And Elizabeth these babies has helped so much in my life these last few months. The love they show me means so much. I am truly happy with my girls. and blessed to have them in my life. If and when they pass I know that I will be contacting you for more babies thank you so much. MY family and I are very happy To have Destiny and Elizabeth Thank you again xoxo.

Thank you so much Jessica Wright you have made us a very happy family with our girls.

Stephanie and Reilley

““Stormy and Zeke make me feel so loved.” -Reilley 8 years old
”From excitedly waiting in anticipation for the litters to be born, to viewing the weekly picture updates on the babies, and finally picking up our new pets; adopting through Raining Rats Rattery has been such a great experience. You can tell that Jessica and her girls truly love their pets and it shows in how sweet, confident, and loving the rats are.”


“I will definitely be a return adopter. I can’t even express how absolutely happy I am with the boys I adopted from you. They are so perfect and they get along with everyone. I’ve had rats before that I got from a feeder bin and they were great and everything but they were nothing like the boys I have now. I just want to thank you so much for what you do and for all your hard work with your rats”

Karen and Tony

“Thank you to Jessie and her girls for raising such wonderful rats! It’s amazing how personable and how much easier rats learn when hand held and nurtured from birth.

Shadow and Rocky are free-range supervised when we are at home and are the perfect pair of fun explorers. While they have very distinct personalities, it’s fascinating watching them explore their environment and learn from each other.

They are such loving and sweet brothers, and it’s especially heart-warming how well they take care of each other. They definitely have us wrapped around their little rattie fingers!”

Recently Karen lost of of her boys but said this to me "I'm sure you already know this, but one of the things that you and your daughters do that makes the biggest difference is hand-taming the rats from birth.  Their personalities shine though, and they are so much easier to work with and teach.  Our ratties have always known their own names, come when called (for safety reasons), and are potty-trained, and because of this, it allows them the freedom to be supervised free-range rats in our home." 


““Jess and family, thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to adopt two of your retired breeders! We feel so lucky to be entrusted with their care and are so thankful for your love in raising them and the continued support you have provided since we added them to our family! Such a great experience!””

Meagan and Chris

“Our two little girls that we got from Raining Rats have brought us so much joy. My husband and I are head-over-heels in love with our Snowflake and Dumbo. Both girls are so sweet and social, even to strangers that come into our home. They both love to give kisses, they come to us when we call their names, and they love to play and have their bellies tickled. Thanks you so much to Jessica and her daughters for all they do to socialize and love the ratties before they go off to their forever homes”


“First of all, Jess, her daughters and her rat crew are fantastic! I have learned so much from Jess and she is so great about answering all my questions.
I was extremely excited when I first got Mia (Black Irish) and Mae (Albino Siamese), when they were cute 6 week old lil fluff balls ready to explore, the moment I had dreamed about for a long, long time. They were so eager to explore and they still make me laugh when they run around cherishing every new experience that I put in front of them. One of my favorite parts of being a rat owner is that when I come into the rat room I’ll see two little noses peeking from under a blanket, then a huge yawn, (their sign of welcome.) I was so thrilled when I was groomed for the first time, their little tongues licking you down.

Jess, thank you for socializing (with help from your great daughters) these guys from Day 1. Because of that, they have no fear of anyone who steps forward to meet them. Also, thank you for bringing Mia and Mae up in your healthy and safe Rattery. You are Fantastic!!

Rat Lovers looking to adopt, LOOK NO FARTHER, Jess and Raining Rats Rattery are amazing!
I am a very Happy Adopter!! ”


“I wanted to say thank you for the amazing breeding and raising of rats you do. There isn’t any one who could do it better. I know all my future rats will come from you (even if the good byes are hard!). I couldn’t be happier with any of my rats. When breeding an animal quality consistency is key and you have it; not only in looks but personality. Every one of my girls, as different as they all are, are each wonderful examples of a rat and just how sweet they can be. Baby wants to just cuddle, all day and all night. Bliss likes to play more than anything but follows in Foxfaces kissy footsteps. And Fetti is the most mellow girl I have ever met. None are biters or aggressive in the least. I can not say enough about how great your program is! Thank you for everything you do”


“I just want to Thank Jess from Raining Rats Rattery for helping us bring some amazing little Ratties into our home. They are just a blast and have the sweetest most loving temperaments. Thanks for letting us adopt... Cotton Gin, Bellatrix, Periwinkle, Pixie, and Myst. These girls are the best!”


Lisa Mackrell

“I absolutely love my rats that I adopted from Raining Rats. They are the sweetest, most outgoing, loving little girls. They have been easy to handle since day one. They live for you to hold them and love them. Jessie and her girls do a wonderful job at socializing the babies before they go to their forever homes. Couldn’t ask for a better breeder.”


Jody Steckland

“What beautiful rats, and beautiful people that raised them for my children to have as their first pets. They had a wonderful time listening to Jess speak about the care and what to expect. I think they had even more fun playing with Shelby and Hannah. Thank you for bringing this joy to our home, through such small packages.”


“Whiskers (white one) and Jelly Beans are doing wonderful. The kids love to hold them. Isabella gets a kick on giving them Cheerios. They are fitting in well with the family. 
Enjoy the pictures.”

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