RRRA Dawn X RRRA Luke 

DOB: May 28th 2019 

All babies will be dumbo

Theme: TBD 

Ready to go home: July 6th 

(M) Black Harley Dumbo
"Reagan" Reserved Trisha
(M) Russian Blue Dumbo
"Logan" Reserved: Kori Chamberlain
(M) Mink Harley Dumbo
"Parker" Reserved: Olivia
(M) Russian Blue Silvermane
"Riley" Reserved: Brittney Beus
(M) Russian Blue Silvermane
"River" - Keeping
(F) Mink Silvermane
"Moze" - Keeping
(M) Russian Blue Silvermane
"Drew" Keeping
(M) RB Silvermane Harley Dwarf
"Sawyer" - Keeping
(M) Black Harley dwarf
"Nico" - Keeping
(F) Russian Blue Silvermane
"Charlie" - Keeping
(F) Black Silvermane w/headspot
"Harper" - Keeping
(M) Black Harley
"Rowan" Reserved: Lillian
(M) Mink Silvermane
"Skyler" Reserved: Brittney Beus
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