Prices and Packages 

(new prices as of Feb 15th 2021)

Rat Prices: (same sex)

Single Rats: $55.00 (this must be approved with rats already in home) 

Pair of Rats: $80.00

Trio of Rats: $100.00

Each additional rat $40

Return adopters: $30.00 (each)

Individual packages: (cost is in addition to the rats)

Carrier Package (carrier) $45.00 (Cost is this plus the cost of the rats them selves) 

Includes: Carrier, Hammock, 6lbs of dry food, 1lbs of cooked food mix and treats. 

Tote Package (Travel Tote) $80.00 (best value and use!!)

Includes: Large Travel Tote, 22x13 Hammock Bag, 6lbs of dry food, 1lbs of cooked food mix and 5oxz treats.  This tote is a wonderful temp cage, medical cage, travel cage for long term lodge stay. A must have - will include coupon for daily diet discount.

Foods Only (Foods) $25.00

 This is a little bit of each food we offer our rats give you a couple months food, for your little ones (3lbs RRRA Dry, 1/2 lbs RRRA Mush, 1/2 cup Treats) Mix with Oxbow, Mazuri or Harlen Lab block to create the perfect diet.

Stack of carriers
Small Carrier with Handle
Travel tote with cube
*Cube only available upon request
Large travel cage
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