Common questions: 

  • Where are you located? San Tan Valley, Arizona (near Mesa) 

  • What are your hours of operation? Sundays are our pick up day

  • How do I adopt? Read through Adoption Policies

  • When can babies go home? My babies go home between 6-8 weeks

  • Do you ship? No, I do not ship as it is expensive and too hot here. 

  • Is there a waiting list? No, not any longer. 

Please use the navigation bar at the top of this page to view our policies, and who may be available for adoption on the "available" page. I do have additional information located through the drop down menu. There you can view links on diets, caging, and care. 

Please do not just email me asking for a rat... I am not a pet store I do not do things that way, you cant just "swing by" and pick up a rat. My rats are raised in my home around our 'normal' day to day, work, play and life. I may not always be available and many emails are often answered late in the evening or on weekends. 

I do try and send out a newsletter about things to come through the month, litters and what we may be planning. You may sign up for the newsletter by joining the website. I will not send more than one a month. 

I have been breeding for 20+ years and have learned so many things about rats and their care. There are MANY opinions and outdated information out there. I have found what works for us here to allow the rats to be raised happy. I have many that last 3-5 years of age with out tumors and major health issues. As I really feel the worst part of owning rats is that they just do not live long enough, it aches the heart. What ever I can do to make them stay with me a little longer I will.

Working with: 
*Recessive Blaze 
*Am/Russian Base

Breeding happy healthy pet rats from our home to your's.

We are located in San Tan Valley, Arizona (between Mesa and Tucson)

**I have had a LOT of interest in babies - We had delayed breeding for a few because of COVID. I will be pairing up a few different litters to hopefully have a few litters to choose from in just a few weeks - Stay healthy!! **

News and updates... Be sure to sign up for our new newsletter each month. 

Last updated: July 19th

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