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Located in San Tan Valley Arizona - 

Thank you for visiting Raining Rats Rattery. So, you are ready to adopt the best pet ever!?? Rats are super easy pets I hope you will enjoy them as much as I do. I have just a few steps to adopting from Raining Rats Rattery. Not sure what you need? Please visit the checklist for more information.

1. My babies are first to apply and be approved are first to reserve babies. ONLY if they are marked OPEN FOR RESERVATION If there are not babies available currently then, check back there will be soon. Need not contact me asking when and who is available. However, you CAN contact me with general questions you may have - certainly please​. 

I will go through the VIP first before marking the babies available.

2. Each litter gets their own page on my 'Available' page. I will post pictures of the babies periodically till about 3 weeks where they will get individual pictures done. When that litter is available to reserve it will be marked "open for Adoption. They are NOT ready until then - no applications will be viewed. The application page turned off.

3. To reserve anything on the available page that is marked OPEN fill out an application when the page is visible. 

I do not allow babies to be "played" with by strangers. This isn't safe for them or my rats. Personalities are not really apparent until babies are about 4+ months old. Babies are reserved online. As long as good temperament parents are bred you should have similar temperament babies. **Rats must be adopted in pairs, unless rats are in home - Even then pairs are necessary for proper social quarantine.

Babies are ready to go to new homes at 8 weeks of age. I will keep dwarfs, hairless, and Harley for 12-16 weeks.

4. Once approve for those you applied for you will be asked to leave a deposit, as little as $10 per baby. 

5. Prices and packages are located on the links to the side. 

New Rat Check List

  • An approved cage: visit Cages for more
  • Food: Kamlbach and Daily Rat Diet from (can be picked up with rats)
  • Carrier or spare cleaning cage: This can also be picked up with the rats.
  • Various toys (parrot toys) cardboard box forts 
  • Hammock, Hides, and beds. Can be found at  or Amazon has many (just watch the sizes)
  • Water Bottle: My rats prefer a glass water bottle. 
  • Ledges for added activity. I like to used Lava ledges, wood shelves and ropes
  • Litter Pan if you plan to potty train - metal baking pans are wonderful for this. Litter for this I suggest pine pellets and cheap rabbit food mixed.
  • If you plan to use fleece to cover ledges then you will need fleece liners can be found @
  • I like to provide a deep base for digging through whatever fun substrate you may use in the bottom of your cage. None the less include a deep dig box for play!
  • ​A food dish is optional- I like to scatter feed my Daily Diet, and always have lab block provided.  You may want a dish to provide daily fresh foods in.

Optional items can be purchased: 

  • Wheel! Some rats adore their wheel others can care less. Wheel should be at the very least 11inches - many Etsy sellers offer wonderful silent wheels.
  • PVC Tube - Always a fun run through.
  • Additional perches and ropes to really pile in the things to do.
  • Adorkable Pets 8x8 rat swing - My guys just adore this so everyone should also have :) 

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